Custom Saddles

There is nothing like a custom saddle for the perfect fit and ultimate ride. If you’d like a saddle made-to-fit your horses back, your conformation, your riding needs, and your style preferences, then a FREEDOM Holistic Custom Saddle is for you.

Pick your model, pick your tree, pick your color, pick your options.

Ordering Process

  • Step 1. Contact a representative. In this process we will go over your options and decide what is the best saddle for horse and rider
  • Step 2. We will send you out the measuring instructions pamphlet along with a flexible curve to get the best measurements possible
  • Step 3. You take the horses measurements and return them to the address as shown
  • Step 4. Your order will be processed and you will have your hand-made custom saddle delivered in 3-6 months
Contact Us To Order