Freedom Holistic Saddles Tree Design

Horseman know the saying, “No hoof, no horse.” Well, the same rings true for your horse’s back. For your horse to be able to carry your weight and do everything you ask to the best of it’s ability, it’s critical that your saddle fit well with his natural conformation and allow him to move freely.

The FREEDOM Holistic Saddles patented tree is designed not only for the comfort of your horse, but to stimulate the back muscles and actually improve his ability to perform. Our unique, flexible tree allows your horse’s back to move naturally while massaging the muscles.

Here’s what make the FREEOM Holistic tree more comfortable than other saddle trees on the market:

Freedom Holistic TreeStandard Tree

1. Straight Bars

Most horse owner’s are surprised to lean the sides of the horse’s back where the saddle sits is straight – not curved like the Nike swoosh. A saddle with curved bars digs into a horse’s back. The Freedom Holistic tree bars are straight in accordance with equine conformation.

2. Soft, Resilient Padding

The bars of the FREEDOM Holistic tree are covered with a soft, resilient padding with no uncomfortable lumps.

3. Bars Flex

The tree has a controlled amount of flex, similar to the leaf springs on your car. This flex allows the horse’s back to round and for the points to lift when the rider posts. The saddle has spring, rhythmically releasing pressure over the horse’s withers. It conforms to the horse in movement and maintains an even load spread across the bottom of the saddle.

4. Custom Fit

The FREEDOM Holistic tree allows for a more custom fit for your horse – ensuring ultimate comfort. And when the saddle fits, the girth doesn’t need to be as tight to hold the saddle in the correct position. A slightly looser girth allows the saddle to move with horse, massaging the back muscles.

Semi-Flex Tree

The Semi-flex saddle is unique. It provides optimum comfort for your horse and you the rider. To achieve this the saddle moves with the horse and allows the rider to feel and connect with that movement. The saddle flexes with the horses spine and does not restrict the normal curvature and movement of the spine, therefore the horse is able to maintain natural balance and the rider will feel connected.

Ultra-Flex Tree

Designed in conjunction with a saddle fitting expert from Walsall, England, the ultra-flex tree is the most conventional looking of all the flexible saddles currently on the market and is indistinguishable from a traditional treed saddle. It also has a twist similar to treed saddles.